ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser review

ESPA are one of those brands that if I was forced to choose, I would happily spend the rest of my life using only their products. In my opinion they are consistently the best at facials and I cannot WAIT to get back to the OneSpa in Edinburgh, which is where I have spent some of the most blissed out days of my life.

Gorgeous miracle stuff

Gorgeous miracle stuff

Their ranges are great for more mature skin that are seeing the first to middling signs of ageing.

I’d been meaning to buy this cleanser ever since it was used on me at my last ESPA facial at The Grove.

If only this were in smell-o-vision

If only this were in smell-o-vision

 Possibly I love this so much because it positively honks of Moringa seed -it’s a pretty convincing double of Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face balm, scent wise. There are notes of citrus and jasmine too, and it has a gorgeous smelling, unctuous texture.

It’s not as balm-y as EH – this is a slippier gel type consistency which is full of little jojoba micro beads which are supposed to exfoliate as you cleanse. I’m not sure that they do to any noticeable extent (I would use a separate exfoliator anyway) but the sensation is lovely on the skin. There are pumpkin enzymes in here too lifting away dead skin cells and altogether leaving everything a bit more radiant than when you started.

Bead working magic

Bead working magic

I massage this into dry skin for a couple of minutes and take off with a damp hot flannel. My skin feels soft, hydrated, comfortable, and looks even coloured and healthy.

Being ESPA there are no nasties in the ingredients list, just natural plant carrier oils and essential oils.

It’s a bit spendy at £30 for 100ml, but it’s not an everyday cleanser for me, this is one I’d pull out when I was going full-on Spa-Night in the bathroom and wanted the full sensory experience from every product I used.

Brilliant stuff this -worth every penny. Have you tried it? What did you think?

ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser is £30 for 100ml and you can buy it HERE

What you need to know: Purchase.


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