Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser review

Not like me to use a foamer...

Not like me to use a foamer…

Next up this week in my cleanser stash overhaul is Ole Henrikson’s African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser which I bought as part of a massively reduced set in order to get my hands on the full size Truth serum Collagen Booster, which I go through like nobody’s business -being as it is (for me) a poor man’s Good Genes.

My foaming cleanser klaxon started blaring, obviously, but given that just about every single product I’ve used by Ole I really rate, I gave it a go.

One pumps worth

One pumps worth

It comes out of the bottle as a very dense creamy foam. Two big pumps is enough to do my face and neck. The blurb says to use on damp skin but I go straight in on dry skin because it massages down into quite a thick creamy consistency and I hate ‘drippy’ cleansing.

On the skin it feels soft, certainly not harsh and smells of citrus peel, all of which is to the good. The problem came when I went to wash it off -with a hot flannel, naturally-.

rubs down to a thick cream

rubs down to a thick cream

It washes off easily and leaves no residue, and my skin looks firm, even toned and small pored -but it also leaves my face feeling fairly tight and sore and screaming for moisture. It’s not as stripping as some I’ve used over the years -possibly much oilier skin than mine might be able to tolerate it better, but mine is too dry to start with to be able to afford to lose any moisture at all.

The lesson here is -when will I ever learn when it comes to foaming cleansers??

Sorry Ole -this one, sadly is going to be rehomed.

How do you get on with foaming cleansers? Are you feeling the love?

Ole Henrikson African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser costs £26 for 207ml and is available HERE

What you need to know: GWP


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