Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera review

God love you, QVC and your occasional insanely bumper value days where I got a huge bottle of Liquid Gold, 200ml of this cleanser and an eye serum FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A NORMAL BOTTLE OF LIQUID GOLD. *brain quite literally explodes*

I love Liquid Gold more than I love my cat (sorry, Lester) but I’ve never fancied anything else in the Alpha H range, possibly because the packaging seems so…meh.

Alpha H Balancing cleanser

Alpha H Balancing cleanser

I know exactly how fickle and ridiculous that makes me sound but I mean: look at it -it looks like a supermarket own brand that you’d walk straight past.

Well, more fool me, because this stuff is amazing. I don’t know how I shoved it to the back of the cupboard, because now I’ve used this again it’s going straight back into rotation.

Lovely stuff

Lovely stuff

It goes on as a lovely light, non greasy cream that has a very faint scent -the nearest I can think of is my much-beloved Superdrug vitamin E hot cloth cleanser (which I’ve just looked for online and have gone into freefall as it’s not listed as stocked anymore….Gah). It’s got plenty of slip and it takes everything off, then comes off easily with a one-two with a hot flannel. The greatest thing about this cleanser though, is how my skin feels afterwards. Comfortable, supple, hydrated, soft…the superlatives keep on coming. Its blurb says that it ‘repairs a stripped and impaired acid mantle’ and I think, given the way this makes my skin feel, that it’s probably true, thanks to the Aloe and Vitamin E.

This one has just gone back to the top of the shop, and I’m going straight back to QVC to pick up 2 bottles of 200ml for £30, which is a saving of £20 (if bought from the Alpha H website).

Sometimes the best things really do come in underwhelming packaging, don’tcha think?

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