Stila magnificent metals foil finish eye shadow dupe review

Gah! But have you seen the price tag on this one? I don’t think of Stila as an overly spendy brand (Their smudgesticks last for ever, don’t budge and are currently on offer here) but when I saw this on a stroll through M&S the other week, I had to have a go on it.

Stila Magnificent metals

Stila Magnificent metals

The colours are something else: golds, platinums, plums, aquas -and of course, Kitten-

For £33.50 (let me say that again -thirty three pounds fifty), you get a little dropper bottle of primer and a pot of foil pigment to dab on top. The principle is that you can apply a wash of sheer glitter or amp it up by layering the foil until you can single handedly rival the lighting rig at Pacha. This kind of look is usually not for me and I leave it to the whippersnappers. It’s a lovely product which for evening wear on unsullied, uncrepey eyelids would look fantastic *sighs heavily*.

I went for the sheer wash of gold, which was still pretty glittery. I blinked at myself a few times in the mirror, went through the dilemma of wiping-it-off versus doing-the-other-eye-to-match, did the other eye and then wandered over to Superdrug…

…where I found THIS

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m secretly in the pay of Make Up Revolution, so heavily have they featured here recently, but I am a firm believer of cheap and cheerful make up for the odd times when you want something fun. Foundation, blush, powder -all worth splurging on in my opinion because you mostly wear them every day. Quality, longevity and superb finish all count and my maxim is pay as much as you can afford for the stuff you like.

For glittery eyeshadow that comes out once in a blue moon my purse stays firmly in my bag.

These foils, which come in 5 finishes (so not as many as Stila, but hey), cost FOUR POUNDS. And they come with a primer.

Left: Pure Platinum Right: Rose Gold

Left: Pure Platinum
Right: Rose Gold

The MUR foils come with a little tray for mixing your colour, should you want to, but this works just as well patted on with a finger.

Left: Rose Gold. Right: Pure Platinum

Left: Rose Gold. Right: Pure Platinum

Separate Primer

Separate Primer

You can also buy a separate bottle of primer (£3, above) which I’m currently trialing under other eyeshadows and is working quite well.

The difference, as far as I can see is that the Stila foil has larger particles of actual glitter in it, whereas the MUR version is finer and slightly more sheeny on application.

Below are photos with and without primer:

Swatched without primer: Left: Rose Gold. Right: Pure Platinum

Swatched without primer: Left: Rose Gold. Right: Pure Platinum

With primer

With primer

The light didn’t fall brilliantly on the silver with primer, but I think you can see that the primer makes all the difference in terms of intensity.

So there you have it. The difference of £29.50 for effectively the same product.

Stila is available HERE and MUR HERE

Have you tried either of these? Which do you prefer?

What you need to know: Purchase.


Marks and Spencer Beauty Department

If you have a large M&S near you then the chances are you will now have a Marks with one of its new(-ish, they rolled out in London 2012/13 and were hitting further afield places like Grimsby last summer) Beauty Departments.

My nearest is Marble Arch, which I think has the full gamut of brands they stock, and I have to say that I think Marks are batting out of the park here. Considering that they still maintain that the average woman looks good in a peach waterfall cardigan, to be stocking brands like Filorga, Murad, Skyn, Emma Hardie, Josh Wood, Bliss and Cowshed is reasonably mind blowing.

I absolutely LOVE having a rootle around whenever I pop in for more prosaic items like pants and tights and it’s rare that I don’t come out with something. The departments are hardly ever busy, they are well lit, stocked well presented simply. Often they have lovely offers like 3-for-2 or gifts with purchase (I recently loaded up on REN Evercalm and came away with a sweet little cosmetic purse full of about £25 worth of travel sizes.)

Emma Hardie has been one of the latest additions to their collection and her Midas Touch Serum was firstly exclusive only to M&S, which is pretty impressive when you consider that for a long while EH was the preserve of a few specialist websites and Space NK. I know that we can order anything online from pretty much anywhere these days, but I do find it really heartening that Marks are taking Beauty seriously and stocking some heavyweight brands that can now be picked up alongside some Percy Pigs and a packet of 5 cotton undies.

Standouts of their range for me are:

James Read Express Mask Tan -stick this on your mush for 30 minutes then wash off: it will carry on developing for a full hour. Gives a great natural glow for light to medium skintones.

james read

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask -I don’t think I have ever found a mask that makes me look as zingy in ten minutes as this does. It’s a bit spendy but it’s a life saver rather than a regular use item.


Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Balm cleanser -Ditch the useless cloth that comes with this and just use a flannel for extra grip. Oily, unctuous, gorgeous smelling, divine miracle cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.

Moringa Cleansing Balm with cloth

Stila Convertible colour -The whole Stila range is pretty damn good, but their convertible colour cheek and (ahem) lip cream comes in the best formulation I’ve found.


M&S Essentials Aloe Vera and Mint shower gel -It’s a POUND, people. One freaking Pound. And for that you get 300ml of BUAV approved, alcohol and paraben free, Vegan friendly, minty loveliness. The whole Essentials range is great. (BEGONE, MAGNOLIA!)

aloe and mint

Glamglow -it’s Witchcraft in a jar, basically.


REN Grab-and-Go Kit -A great place to start for £20 and everything you need for an overnight getaway, in a lush see through zipped pouch that they probably won’t let you through Airport security with. *Shakes fist at sky*

REN kit

So there you have it -definitely worth a visit instore, but if you happen to live in the sticks somewhere not graced with a Jumbo Marks then make sure you load up with goodies next time you’re in the market for an on-line haul.