Mavala Nail polish remover

I bought this because it’s a very cute 50ml travel size and I’m still hunting around for holiday miniatures. My default position on holiday nails is usually to take some generic polish remover pads with me but they always seem unnecessarily greasy and unsatisfying in their ability to take polish off quickly.

Efficiency in travel proportions

Efficiency in travel proportions

To be honest, I usually use a Boots or Superdrug own brand NPR and it seems that I’ve forgotten the difference when it comes to using a proper ‘Brand’ for the job. I love and own several of Mavala’s mini polishes (Glasgow and Minsk are two of my favourites and I am currently all over  their Swinging Colours collection) but it hadn’t occurred to me to use anything else from the range, so when I saw this I had a lightbulb moment and snapped it up.

I had some right bloody awful neglected polish on my toenails that I tested this on. I’d been a proper slattern and painted over the ends at least twice rather than start from scratch, so there was quite the build up of colour for this to tackle.

It came off in ONE SWIPE. Admittedly, a swipe that smelt so ferociously of acetone that I nearly passed out -but I used to be partial to Tippex thinner back in the day so it was nothing short of a Proustian rush for me. This is supposed to be ‘mild’ according to their blurb, but there is also an ‘extra mild’ version if you value keeping your nasal lining intact.

In short: pretty good stuff that will be allowed space in my holiday stash.

Mavala Nail polish remover is usually available from pharmacys -you know, the ones that stock Caudalie and weird Bronnley soaps that look like lemons. But you can also buy it at John Lewis for £3.10