Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose calming creamy cleanser review

nice big chunky tube

nice big chunky tube

What can I say. It’s £7.99 for 150ml. (Plus it’s always on some kind of offer in Boots, making it a great budget buy.) It’s a lovely creamy cleanser with a great consistency that turns a little more milky as it’s massaged in. It leaves my skin feeling fairly normal, although I do have to moisturise quite quickly afterwards. There’s nothing much to worry about in the ingredients list, it takes everything off bar the most stubborn eye make up and wipes off with a hot cloth leaving nothing behind. So far so good, right?

Nothing to see here, move along...

Nothing to see here, move along…

But -oh, the smell. Never a fan of rose at the best of times (unless you count Sisley Black Rose oil, which smells exactly like a rose should), this just smells synthetic and overpoweringly of Nana’s knicker drawer. It smells to me like every cheap gift set of ‘rose’ soaps you were ever given as a teenager multiplied to infinity. Maybe it’s because I’m a florist, and I’m used to knowing what certain floral smells should be like, and this is just too much. The rosewater in the ingredient list wouldn’t account for the scent alone, which is clearly the ‘parfum’ listed halfway down.

UB Rose

It’s such a shame. I have a lot of love for Una’s Vitamin C skin renew cleansing oil (which also has a strong scent, but this time of orange peel, which I can tolerate, especially as I really like the cleanser), but I find myself holding my breath while I use this so I don’t have to smell it. The majority of reviews I have read disagree with me -people seem to love the scent. I realise that it’s horses for courses and there will be smells I adore that other people hate (Aesop, I’m looking at you…) but if the fragrance was toned down just a little bit, I think it could easily be one of my go-to cream cleansers, especially when I want to use something less expensive in the day-to-day as it’s a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of product. As it stands: computer says No.

How have you got on with the Superfacialist range? Am I just being (literally) too sniffy?

Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy cleanser is available at Boots HERE for £7.99

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