Lanolips 101 ointment -Also ‘Apples’ and ‘Lemonaid’.

Lanolips Apples and Lemonaid have long been my default lip balms, to the extent that it’s been a long time since I’ve even bothered looking around for a new product, as nothing, and I mean –nothing- sorts out my lips like these two.

Not everyone tolerates lanolin well, (I do: take that, suckers!) but its emollient properties are second to none as far as I’m concerned. So, if you don’t swell up and start itching at the thought of boiled sheep glop -read on.

My problem with most lip balms is that either they are too flavoured, which encourages me to lick my lips, which in turn contributes to the drying problem which I’m applying the lipbalm to prevent, or they just don’t adhere well to the lips in the first place, meaning that I need to constantly re-apply the bloody thing, and I just don’t want to be the person constantly dabbing at my lips with a grungy pot of vaseline and a faint air of desperation.

So -when I found Lanolips a couple of years ago, I was sold. And that the formula comes in a few reasonably pigmented shades was an added bonus. ‘Apples’ is a lovely clear red that on application smoothes out to a Lipstick Queen Medieval kind of tint and makes a great base for matte lipsticks if you want to sheen them up a bit. ‘Lemonaid’ is thicker than the tints -to that extent that it’s a battle getting it out of the tube without sitting it on the radiator for ten minutes- but has a shimmery sheen to it which is lovely on the lips on their own.

I generally sling a dab of this on while I’m doing my foundation/blusher/eyes, so by the time I’m ready for lipstick I can just give my lips a wipe and Lo! my lips are soft and ready to receive strongly pigmented colour without any apparent flakes or dry patches. It truly is miraculous stuff.

So. I was in Boots, in that kind of “I want to buy something, but what?” sort of mood. The sort of ” Under a tenner so I can get it with points” sort of mood. Normally I would be winging it to L’Oreal for a lipstick under these conditions, but I found myself down in the basement of the Bond Street store looking at their (not unimpressive)**  array of lipbalms, when I spotted it.

**I was not aware that the world needed this many, to be honest.

Little tube of loveliness

Little tube of loveliness

I had seen the 101 ointment before, but had passed it by, happy with my previous choices. But because I was looking for products that I could take on holiday with me that may multi-task, I got sucked in. And I’m very glad I did. This has now taken over Lemonaid as my number one lip balm due to its lack of shimmer, which means I can apply it under and over lipstick with no change in the colour. It leaves a gorgeous moist-but-not-wet sheen on the lips, is odourless and tasteless and has an SPF of 15. The texture is like incredibly dense vaseline and again -it is a bugger to get out of the tube. A little goes a very very long way, and I over squeezed for the first few applications, which is how I discovered…

…It’s also great as a cuticle cream, clearing up my florist induced hangnails in a couple of days. It’s also supposed to be amazing on burns, abrasions and chapped skin in general but I think that’s because companies just want to muscle in on the 8 Hour Cream ‘wonder balm’ market, when actually, this is just a damn good softening and protective lip balm.

 To me, there’s a huge difference between this product and, say, something like Maybelline’s Baby Lips which I know has received a lot of love but seems too slippy for me and requires a lot of re-application. On the other hand, you can buy 3 Baby Lips for the price of one Lanolips, so it’s swings and roundabouts and probably comes down to whether or not you like the ritual of re-applying a product or not. Personally, I don’t have the time or the will to keep a lip balm constantly on hand; I like to apply in the morning and/or night and for the balm to have a lasting effect.

In this case: Job Jobbed.

Lanolips 101 ointment around the £10 mark is available from Boots and Victoria Health as well as other chemists and larger Waitrose.

Disclaimer: Bought with cold, hard cash.