Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream

Having used The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask for about a month or so now on some of the nights when I’m not going in heavy with acids or retinols (and having really enjoyed it -fantastic, plumped soft, glowing skin as a result), I was interested to see what appears to be an identical product from Garnier on the shelf in Boots.

For £13.99 I was promised 50ml of “Anti-Ageing, De-Tiring, Skin-Transforming care.” It doesn’t explicitly state so on the packaging but I’m guessing that it’s aimed at more mature, delicate, stressed and dry skin that’s looking for a good injection of hydration overnight.

50ML of wonder cream

50ML of wonder cream in a slightly damaged box…

I love a night cream. I really do. I love the sense of going to bed slathered in goo and awaking with glowing, dewy, transformed, nurtured skin. As I get older this seems even more necessary -Seven or Eight** hours in which a cream can work its magic on my skin unencumbered by other lotions and cosmetics? When else can I give it that attention?

(**Six if I’m lucky)

Garnier Sleeping Cream

Garnier Sleeping Cream

 It’s a traditional cream in the way that the Body Shop mask isn’t -it sinks in instantly (it’s quite silicone heavy), is non greasy, light and feels instantly hydrating -there’s plenty of glycerin and hyaluronic acid in the formulation. There is a light scent to it which I’m finding hard to identify -it’s sort of rose-y which might be the Geraniol in the ingredients, and there’s lavender oil in there also. Anyhoo, it’s a pleasant scent that dissipates after a few minutes. I don’t (But I might start to) layer it under an oil for some extra oomph as the overwhelming sensation I get after application is that I don’t feel like I’ve put much on my skin at all.

The usual cream formulation

The usual cream formulation

I don’t know about you, but every morning before cleansing I check my skin to see what fresh hell has been imposed upon it by the ravages of time skincare I used the night before. And every time I have used this cream, I have been -just a bit- disappointed when I look in the mirror. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it per se. My skin feels comfortable, hydrated, not irritated, not blotchy and fairly soft. But also not radiant, not ‘illuminated.’ You’d think it would be a win. I wanted it to be a win. It’s a perfectly acceptable night time moisturiser for normal to combination skin. But it is not a ‘miracle’. Not by a long shot.

Ingredients list

Ingredients list

It could of course, just be that my skin is used to more rigorous formulations -Boot Camp level skincare, you could say. And if acids and retinols are Boot Camp, then this is a mid-price weekend Spa retreat that you collect tokens for from the Telegraph.

On balance, the Body Shop mask works better on my dull, dehydrated skin than the Garnier. It’s also, ounce for ounce, a bit cheaper.

Still: if you’re interested in giving it a go, or if the Body Shop mask didn’t work for you but you like the idea of an overnight cream that promises to work while you sleep, and/or something like Origins Drink Up was too rich for your liking, you could certainly give this a whirl. It’s available at all the usual chemist/supermarket outlets.

Disclaimer: Bought with cold, hard cash