Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle review

I’m all over Becca at the moment -I have minions in the basements of Space NKs up and down the country loading boxes full of Guava Beach Tint onto palettes to be shipped out to Chez Mutton whenever I give the nod. When I saw this little beauty winking at me on the website I felt I had to be fair and give it a go because it looked sooooo beautiful.

It's a yes from me

It’s a yes from me

I went for a slightly darker tone than I’d been previously using because the colour looked practically edible. It’s a raspberryish tone shot through with gold.

It’s a strange texture -somewhere between a mousse and a gel and a powder. The colour Watermelon is a Beach tint and the Moonstone swirl in it is one of Becca’s shimmering skin perfectors.



when it’s all swirled together on your fingertips it gives a golden, luminescent sheer wash of colour with a good amount of pigment and a fair amount of highlight. This isn’t something I would go too heavy on during the day as the colour is quite bright (on my skintone).

like a beautiful galaxy...

like a beautiful galaxy…

Over foundation it glides on easily -no dragging or pooling of colour anywhere, just a lovely wash of sheeny healthy colour. It’s very sheer -there are no overly glittery bits and it’s very forgiving on my dry skin.

Swatched -daylight

Swatched -daylight

Beautiful as it looks in the pot -and it is gorgeous – I can see this drying out over time as most moussey textured make up does. Given that you mix the colours together with your fingers, would it have mattered if it was pre-mixed and in a tube? Or possibly the formulation could have worked better as a stick, if in a tube wasn’t possible?

It’s a small gripe, seeing as I probably won’t get to the bottom of the pot anyway before I’m distracted by something equally lovely…

What are y’all using for summer beachy blush at the moment?

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle (try saying that with a mouth full of biscuits) is £22 and available HERE

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