Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Orange Flower and Chamomile review

I’m just going to put this out there -I’ve never got on with the original C+P despite absolutely everyone telling me that they wouldn’t be without it and that they would throw themselves from a precipice should it ever be discontinued bleh bleh bleh.

I put far more effort than was needed into trying to figure out just why my skin hated it so much; it would go bright red and sting after even the most gentle cleanse. In the end I gave it to a friend and accepted that my skin will never get along with eucalyptus.

Orange Flower and Chamomile

Orange Flower and Chamomile

Then I had a chat with a lovely lady at Boots in Westfield a while back, who assured me that this (typically limited edition with orange flower and chamomile) would be a better match for my skin as it had absolutely no eucalyptus in it (I’ve had a good look at the ingredients list -everything else is exactly the same -how odd that just the one ingredient made my skin want to fall off.)

And -who knew!- My skin now LOVED it, and I finally could join the rest of the population in swooning about C+P.

It eventually migrated to the back of the cleansing shelf (yes, I have such a thing), and I only thought about it the other day when I saw the set of 3 C+Ps in John Lewis which made me immediately want to buy the lot.

So I dug out my (nearly depleted) bottle and gave it another go, and it is as good as I remembered.

Creamy goodness

Creamy goodness

I think the thing that people love so much about the formulation is that it’s fairly grippy -you have to work it into the skin quite firmly so you have time enough to give yourself a really good facial massage while you’re cleansing, and when it comes to wiping off with the muslin (shmuslin -I use a flannel), it doesn’t leave behind a film that you need another cleanse to get rid of. My skin feels calmed, soft and ready for serum when I’ve used it.

Now I just have to resist the lure of the limited edition trio…

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in all its various forms starts from around £14 for 100ml and is available HERE.

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