Eau des Minimes Cologne -Botanical cologne of the Minims

I was suckered in by the hokey looking Apothecary-type “Oo we’ve been doing this since 1862 in a convent to a secret recipe that goes back to the 15th century” packaging.

Apothecary type nonsense

But… I was in the market for a fresh smelling cologne now that summer is (slowly) coming and I spotted this, completely unknown to me brand (which is exciting in itself, to be honest). I’m a simple soul when it comes to perfumes: I tend to like significantly one-note fragrances, citrussy ones or ones that are very white floral heavy. Anything too complex and I want to wash it off -my nose goes into overdrive. Maybe it’s being a florist -I smell a lot of fragrances every day and poor imitations of flowers particularly offend.

Eau des minimesThere’s a whole range of different scents of which this is the original, but -staying on track- this one was my favourite by a Provencal country mile. It’s a gorgeously fresh, sparkling lively scent. Completely citrussy (Grapefruit, Lemon and Blood Orange), what gives it an edge of complexity are the other ingredients (Rosemary, wild pansy, burdock, lemon balm, mallow and benzoin that stop it smelling like you’ve just rolled in a vat of Cif.

Doesn't it just transport you to France? :-)

Doesn’t it just transport you to France? 🙂

It’s £19 for 100ml, so it’s not a complete bargain, and being a cologne its staying power is virtually nil. But the beauty of a cologne is being able to splash it on in abundance, and every time get that lovely summery hit of citrus. You can even keep it in the fridge.

It comes with a spray nozzle which is a thoughtful touch, as I don’t quite fancy splashing it all over Brut stylee.

This one is a definite Summer hit and is coming away on holiday with me.

What’s your summer scent? Do you like a cologne or a perfume in the summer?

Eau des Minimes range can be bought HERE

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