This Works Perfect Look skin miracle tinted moisturiser

It's a miracle in a tube. Apparently.

It’s a miracle in a tube. Apparently.

I never know where I stand with This Works. I know a lot of people hold them in very high regard and I DO like their pillow spray which works wonders for helping me nod off (but anything with lavender in it will do that for me), but I’m always put off by the prices, which seem excessively spendy for what the products actually do. I was one of the few people who didn’t go completely bonkers over the In Transit camera close up primer when it came out -it did nothing for my skin AT ALL, which was hugely disappointing as I love the idea of a multi functional “why take 2 bottles into the shower?” product. Maybe it wasn’t the correct serum or moisturiser for me. Whatever. I’m over it (I’m not over it.)

Nice little pump action

Nice little pump action

Anyhoozles, back to the matter in hand. I’ve been sort of looking for a tinted moisturiser to take away with me, and I really liked the look of this one (always a sucker for the packaging). It’s in a 30ml tube with a lovely hygienic pump action dispenser and one pump does the whole face.

One pump

One pump

It has a lovely light texture, it glides on quickly and evenly (and virtually unnoticably) and gives a dewy, even toned appearance to the face.

blended out

blended out

It says that you can wear alone or under foundation. I took it for a spin today on its own, no powder or anything to finish. After about three hours I looked distinctly greasy -so much so that I had to dive into the nearest chemist and sneak some powder to go on top, after which I have to say, it looked awesome.

I’ll report back once I’ve used it a few more times. This could be one I need to get the hang of in terms of other complementary products before it really looks its best. The question is: can I be bothered when I have other products that work better with less faff?

If you have normal to oily skin then I would avoid unless you are using a mattifying foundation or powder on top. If you have dry skin this might be better for you if you want a glowy, dewy look but keep an eye on the shine.

What are your favourite tinted moisturisers? Are they more faff than they’re worth?

This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle Tinted Moisturiser is a weighty £28 for 30ml and is available HERE

Info: Purchase


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