Sleek Blush BY 3 Palette in Californ I.A review

You may have heard tell that I like a blusher or two. Well, here are THREE amazingly coloured cream blushers all in one palette for a tenner.

Sleek CalifornI.A palette

Sleek CalifornI.A palette

I love Sleek. A lot of their colours are wonderfully bright and look fabulous on dark skintones, so although I can’t wear a lot of the shades I spend a lot of time marvelling at their general gorgeousness whenever I pass a concession by.

Come to Mummy...

Come to Mummy…

It’s also fairly rare that I find a concession that is anything near to fully stocked, with the more popular items long gone by the time I get there.

So imagine the thrill when I saw that my local Sleek stand was packed to bursting with little beauties like this. This is the ‘Californ.I.A’ palette of 3 cream blushers in summery shades which are just begging to be used on top of a light tan as you cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway in your sporty little coupe *shakes self.*

don't you just want to dive in??

don’t you just want to dive in??

The colours aren’t individually named, but L-R I’d say there’s a watermelon, an apricot and a peach. All summery, infinitely wearable colours for pale to medium skintones that like to fall on the coral blusher spectrum (having rosacea I avoid pink like the plague).

L-R Watermelon(!), Apricot (!) and Peach (!)

L-R Watermelon(!), Apricot (!) and Peach (!)

They apply like a dream, in a light wash of colour that can be built up (and/or mixed) if you want more than just a flush of blush. The outer two shades are mostly matte, and the middle, apricot shade has a slight pearly rose gold shimmer to it, making it useful as a very subtle highlighter.

I can’t tell you how much I love these. They are just SO WEARABLE! Sorry -I’m just so pleased to have something lovely to review having been on such a downer about BB creams yesterday!

Does blusher cheer you up? Or do other products float your boat more?

Sleek Blush By 3 palette costs £10 (*squeals*) and is available HERE -or if you can bear the disappointment of it being sold out -try Boots or Superdrug.

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4 thoughts on “Sleek Blush BY 3 Palette in Californ I.A review

  1. I just recently got into blush and I used to feel like it made me look sunburn no matter how I applied. Finally got the hang of it though. I should try a cream blush soon. Which do you prefer? Cream or powder?


    • I have dry skin so I prefer a cream as it feels just that bit more hydrating and it seems to last longer too. With my rosacea I can’t do pinks at all- I have to go coral or tawny to counteract it. Having said that, you’d have to prise my Nars powder Orgasm out of my cold, dead hands before I gave it up…


    • Hey thanks! I’ll get on that tomorrow when I have some time to spend on blogging…( also waiting in for a delivery of a pair of jeans: which kinda answers one of your questions already I think!!) xx💗

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