KIKO BB Glow Compact Foundation review

KIKO BB Cream compact

KIKO BB Cream compact

Who doesn’t love a bit of KIKO? I turn into a crazy woman every time I go into the Regent Street store grabbing at just about everything as if they’re going to run out of stock at any moment.

No 5:  Universal Beige

No 5: Universal Beige

I’m generally not a fan of BB creams -they always just sit on my skin gathering in creases and looking patchy. I DO NOT KNOW what I’m doing wrong: it’s completely maddening. I have pretty good skin to start with, so I don’t *need* an amazing amount of coverage, and you’d think BB creams would be the business, no?

Comes with nifty make up sponge

Comes with nifty make up sponge

Somehow, when I saw this in store, I thought it may be different. I thought it could be the one. Rather than coming in a tube as so many BB/CC creams do, it’s in a snazzy compact format, complete with a flip up compartment for the applicator sponge. The whole thing looks great -smart and a bit posh. I had high hopes for this one.

Swatches on my wrist in store looked promising, so in the basket it went. I bought shade 05 -Universal Beige (what a tremendously drab name!) which is a yellow toned neutral that suits my NC25 skin pretty well.

Shade 05 -Universal Beige

Shade 05 -Universal Beige

So far so good. It’s a creamy, lightweight formulation that feels silky and moisturising on first application. It looks like it’s going to be dewy and radiant on the skin if the swatch is anything to go by, right?

Blended out

Blended out

It seems to blend away to almost nothing, which is what I was hoping for as I’m no fan of heavy coverage. Next day I applied it after serum (no moisturiser) to see if the moisturising properties were enough to forgo my usual Ole Henrikson layer.

Well, I blended, and I blended, and I blended some more, using the sponge. I started light and built up coverage where I saw fit and all it did was sit in my pores, staring back at me as if to say ‘What?’ It settled in the creases around my nose, between my eyebrows, and it looked patchy and sparse.

Now I LOVE a good foundation, and I’m really particular about the finish it gives. I’m not a snob: I happily use Bourjois alongside Suqqu -as long as it works, it works and I am always irrationally cross when I find one I don’t get on with, so I went back and tried again, took the whole lot off, used serum again and had another go -this time using my Expert face brush to really buff it into the skin. Same thing happened. I could see EVERY PORE ON MY FACE. It seems that BB creams work in inverse proportion on my face to the way they do with every other person on the planet. 

I have subsequently tried this with serum and moisturiser/moisturiser on its own and it’s the same every time. I’ve just had to give up and accept that I have a weird face and BB creams are not for me.

On the plus side, it feels wonderfully creamy and hydrating -great for drier or older skins. It has a great range of colours for darker skins and those with pinker or neutral undertones. I just couldn’t get along with the finish.

I really wanted to love this product (-mainly because I thought the packaging was swish and I liked the idea of being able to effortlessly touch up my make up on-the-go). Reading other blogger’s thoughts on it -and it gets quite a bit of love out there- I’ve come to realise that my skin and BB creams will never be friends. It seems I need my skincare and my make up in two completely distinct layers. How annoying!

What are your thoughts on BB creams? Can you get along with them?

KIKO BB Glow Compact comes in 12 shades, costs £11.90 and is available HERE

Info: Purchase


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