Hourglass ambient lighting powder in Radiant Light review

Radiant Light

Radiant Light

I finally got some points back on my Liberty card *expels all thoughts of how much I have spent in order to get said points from head* and since I’d been slavering over this for a while, I finally took the plunge.

The colour I’d actually been after, diffused light, was out of stock, like EVERYWHERE, but the red mist had descended so I let myself be talked into the slightly warmer, golden toned Radiant Light on the basis that I’m going on holiday and you know, bleh bleh bleh extending a summer tan bleh.

The lush compact

The lush compact

I’ve read a few comments from bloggers about the packaging with complaints that their compact was already scratched when bought -and so it was with mine. In the grand scheme of things it shouldn’t really matter but ultimately it’s not a cheap purchase and is going to be knocking around in my make up case for a while so it would be helpful if it didn’t look knackered within twenty minutes of coming out of the box. (NARS please also take note that all your packaging looks like it’s been living in the pocket of a tramp for ten years approximately one week after I start using it.)

Hourglass Radiant Light

Hourglass Radiant Light

There’s a fair amount of product here; it’s a big healthy chunk of powder that has a silky, extremely finely milled finish to it.

I’ve been applying it as a finishing powder -I’m still using MAC Select Sheer NC25 on my T zone after foundation, but then sweeping this along cheekbones, nose and forehead afterwards. If using in the evening or in artificial light I would use very lightly over the whole face.

It's magic, folks...

It’s magic, folks…

It seems ever so slightly pearly in the pan, and it kicks up quite a lot of dust when you swirl your brush around in it, but there’s no glitter, or shimmer or gleam. It’s hard to explain without descending into hyperbole but when this powder is on the face it doesn’t cake, or clag, or settle into lines -it just gives the most amazing, light from within pearlescent glow. It blurs out tiny lines and makes me look really, really healthy. My skin looks airbrushed -almost hyperreal.

The one thing I was worried about was too much gleam on my cheeks -it’s where I have most dry skin and I do tend to avoid highlighting powders and creams due to their tendency to cling here and highlight for exactly the wrong reasons. But this just glides on like satin and almost seems to hover over the skin. It’s amazeballs, it really is.



I’ve had to swatch it quite heavily here to show up enough to photograph -I would never use this amount on my face. Radiant Light is definitely a golden toned shade which is working well enough now on my (admittedly lightly fake tanned) face but I think will really come into its own when I’ve been in the sun for a while (Damn you for being right, Liberty Hourglass Lady!)

The amount of people who have commented how well I look when I wear this makes me feel that Hourglass must be on to something. This has definitely elbowed out Guerlain’s Meteorites for the time being as my finishing powder of choice -and man, do I love Meteorites!-

If you’re thinking of buying, I would recommend a chat with an SA instore -there are six shades in the collection and Mood Light for example, which is quite lilac-y, looked frankly terrifying in the pan although I can see would work brilliantly on sallow skintones.

90% of the reviews I have read seem to agree that this is an HG product that works for all skintones and ages. I would say I think it’s great for more mature skins (I’ll be buying my Mum one for her birthday later this month- Hi Jan, if you’re reading!) which can suffer from dullness and lack of radiance. Younger, more flawless complexions might not recognise just how fantastic this product is due to having enough glow naturally.

This one is going on my re-purchase list!

Have you tried Ambient Powder? What shade do you use and how are you getting on with it?

What you need to know: Purchase.


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