Make Up Revolution Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette

So: back to my Superdrug Haul.

Kind of Naked-y?

Kind of Naked-y?

Despite my much vaunted love of sheeny eyeshadows such as Ombre Blackstar and Chanel Illusion d’Ombre, there ARE times when I just want a nice quiet matte shade. A Taupe. An Ecru, should you insist. Oh go on then; a Camel. Shades that you can just pop on and go to the shops in without looking like you might spontaneously break into a Vegas shimmy.

As I get older (I hope that I don’t sound like a broken record when I say this, but you know, time ain’t going backwards), I find that formulation is everything. Finishes on eyeshadows need to be luxe, sheeny rather than glittery, long lasting, not settle into creases or slide off on oily lids. I don’t mind paying quite a lot when I find this elusive combination, but I’m also a sucker for the promise of a cheap dupe.

Nice sleek packaging

Nice sleek packaging

Look at them apples

Look at them apples

Cooler neutrals

Warmer neutrals

Cooler neutrals

Cooler neutrals


I know, right? It was like being 12 again and wanting one of those massive make up palettes from the Argos catalogue. I’m a fool to myself, honestly I am.

The colour range is impressive -enough pretty browns, golds, taupes, rusts, mushrooms and fawns to please even the most discerning seeker of neutrals. The shades move from warm through neutral to cooler tones, with plenty of lighter shades for highlighting and even a black for tightlining (possibly? we’ll see) and/or smoky shading.

Top to bottom: Smoke, Rust, Oak

Top to bottom: Smoke, Rust, Oak

There is NO shine with these. None at all. They are absolutely matter than matte and as such, will suck in light like a black hole, meaning that I will probably not be using the darker shades. That’s no reflection on the quality of the shadows, which is pretty darn good, actually. But older skins might want something a little bit more forgiving as these will settle in every crease and cranny.

The colour payoff is good, if a teeny bit weak on the lighter shades, but then I don’t do backflips at Bobbi Brown’s lighter shades either and they cost A LOT more than these. Once I popped a primer underneath, these were good to go, and it actually made them more blendable.

The lighter shades are a little bit talc-y and all the colours drop a little -I would recommend doing your eyes before your base if using the darker shades. But on the whole, this is a pretty impressive palette if you want to try out some colours you might not usually go for. (They also do a palette with the same shades but in shimmery formulation -that was a bit ‘Whoa!’ for me!)

On balance -this won’t be a repurchase because I love my cream formulations too much and I can’t be arsed to blend as much as these would require me to. But it would make a fantastic gift for someone who was just easing into make up as none of the shades are too out there.

Make up Revolution is available at Superdrug or through its own website where I have just spotted the insane 100 eyeshdows for £12 palette -enough to keep any 12 year old happy!

Info: Purchase


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