By Terry Ombre Blackstar review

Oh Ombre Blackstar, despite your slightly ludicrous winner of the 4.30 at Aintree name, let me count the ways that I love thee…

I am such a sucker for a cream eyeshadow I can’t tell you. Cream formulations, especially ones that come on sticks, are like a dream come true for a cack-handed fool like me. I started becoming obsessed when I discovered Laura Mercier’s Caviar cream sticks a couple of years ago, except I consistently went for shades that were too dark and ended up looking like a suicidal panda:

Sad Panda is Sad.

Sad Panda is Sad.

But eventually I discovered RoseGold and all was well with the world. Or so I thought. Because there was a BETTER cream-eyeshadow-on-a-stick out there than I could have possibly dreamed of -one so light and creamy, so blendable and with such staying power that it knocked everything else into a cocked hat.

Without wanting to sound too much like a complete fangirl, I’ve yet to come across a By Terry product that I don’t immediately want and covet (-apart from the Baume de Rose -NOTHING will convince me that forty quid is a sane price for a lipbalm).



 Anyway, back to the action. I already own a couple of these babies (Bronze Moon and Brown Perfection -safe colours for my blue-grey eyes), and I completely love their ability to be worn alone, or together on the days I feel up to blending the two colours for a bit more va-va-voom.

They are great for more mature skin like mine, and eyes that are hooded (also like mine) and skin that is beginning to crepe (…). The wash of colour is sheer but has dimension, so that instead of just sitting on the eyelid looking flat they really bring the eye to life. There is just enough shimmer to look glamorous and a bit saucy without looking like you’re rocking total Drag.

Left: Frozen Quartz Right: Misty Rock

Left: Frozen Quartz
Right: Misty Rock

This time I went for Frozen Quartz, which is in my beloved shade of rose-gold, and Misty Rock which is a browny-slightly-amethysty colour. In the swatch below it looks more bronze, but it definitely has a strange tint to it.

Left: Frozen Quartz Right: Misty Rock

Left: Frozen Quartz
Right: Misty Rock

What I adore about these is the satin sheen they give. Because I have slightly hooded eyes I usually go for lighter shades that bring the recesses forward and minimise any tiredness that may be lurking. Glitter on me is far too Sunday Night at the London Palladium, but these hit just the right note that says ‘Made an effort’ rather than ‘Ten quid and not on the face’**

**too much?

Left to right: Frozen Quartz, Misty Rock, Bronze Moon, Brown Perfection

Left to right: Frozen Quartz, Misty Rock, Bronze Moon, Brown Perfection

The only thing with these is: you have to be quick. You’ve got about 20 seconds once you’ve scribbled them on your lids to get blended after which the colour Does. Not. Budge. The trick, I’ve found, is to do it a bit at a time (up the the socket in one go, blend and then proceed with another wash that goes beyond the socket. Blend again and then do what you will with it as a liner.) Frozen Quartz is a great inner eye highlighter and subtle enough to use a dab of on the arch of the browbone. Misty rock is currently my default daytime all over colour that makes me look polished but not too ‘done’. Bronze Moon and Brown Perfection work great in tandem for a more evening smokey eye.

I’m ooh-ing over the absolutely gorgeous shade Velvet Orchid at the moment, which is a heavenly plummy purple which would look incredible on hazel or brown eyes. But I must be strong, and look to the Panda, whose little face says ‘Step away from the dark shades, woman; you’ll look like a hag.’

By Terry Ombre Blackstar colour Fix cream eyeshadows cost £28 (which is cheap when you consider that I will never ever need to buy another eyeshadow again**) are available from SPANK and Net a Porter

**hollow laugh

Info: Purchase.


2 thoughts on “By Terry Ombre Blackstar review

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Great review! I think i’m gonna have to try them now. Love your blog would be lovely if you checked out mine 🙂 xxx


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