Make Up Revolution The One Blush Stick : NARS Orgasm Dupe

So, last week I basically thundered through Superdrug with my arms wheeling in order to get my hands on the few remaining items from this brand that hadn’t been opened and smeared across the faces of feral schoolchildren during half term. I practically stiff-armed a very nice lady who was eyeballing the last of these into a display of TENA Lady panty liners*

* Not really. I just snarled; ” Back off, Bitch”**

**I totally didn’t. I was very British about the whole thing. (I said “After you!” merrily whilst simultaneously praying she didn’t go for the same thing I wanted.)

So Far so Good

So Far so Good

First up, I would just like to say that it looks like they have TOTALLY stolen been influenced by REVLON’s font. Be that as it may: first impressions are of okay packaging, grown up, smart, looks like it knows what it’s doing. The fact that they have called it The One (as opposed to, Oh, I don’t know, I’m blue sky thinking here… the Multiple perhaps?) makes me think that this is a very sassy tongue-in-cheek brand.

The Tubes

The Tubes

I went for Rush and Matte Rush, which under the strip lighting in Superdrug, looked very familiar, especially Rush…


Left: “Rush”
Right: “Matte Rush”

Rush looks like a pretty spot on dupe of NARS Orgasm to me -it has that sheeny rose-gold glimmer that is so recognisable.

From the top. Left:

From the top. Left: “Rush”, Right: “Matte Rush”

In the spirit of full disclosure here I feel I should say that I’m not a massive fan of the NARS Multiples. I have Maui, and I’m relatively ‘meh’ about it.  I do love me a cream blush, but for my money the Multiples don’t have enough grip or staying power, being rather siliconey. That said- NARS powder blushers are second to none in terms of colour payoff and staying power. I know, right? WEIRD.



So, we have Rush on the left and Matte Rush on the right. They swatched nicely on my hand and Rush has a fairly vibrant shimmer in that it’s quite glow-y** but the glitter is very finely milled so it’s not too RuPaul.  Matte Rush is a very strong coral indeed. The nearest colour I can think of that I have used recently is Becca’s Guava Beach Tint, although that is much more subtle.

**technical term.

Blended out

Blended out

 You can see from the blendout that Matte Rush has much more pigment. A little goes a LONG way with this one, as I found when I wore it on my face. It was a little too overpowering for me -possibly when I have more of a tan it won’t look so alarming, but on darker and olive skintones this colour would really pop. I needed to really work it in with a stippling brush to avoid looking a bit mad.

Rush blended out well, but on my cheeks looked a bit thin -it didn’t look much more than a generic shimmery highlighter on me with none of the nuance that I find Orgasm has. I dug out my (powder) Orgasm for comparative purposes (below):

Left: Rush, Right: Orgasm powder blush

Left: Rush, Right: Orgasm powder blush

There is a bit of shadow I couldn’t avoid in this picture hanging over the Orgasm swatch, but I think it gives you the idea, even though it’s not like for like as one is a powder and one is a cream.

Rush is a Coral/Gold which would be ideal for cooler or neutral toned skin, and Orgasm has a Pinky/bronzy/gold that works on all skin types (miraculously) but looks superb on warmer skins.

If you’ve been dicking about wondering if the hype over NARS Orgasm is merited, you could do worse than give Rush a go before doling out the sponds on the big boys, as the overall effect once on is pretty similar.

Make Up Revolution The One Blush Sticks are £5 (!!) in 4 colours and 2 formulations and can be found HERE, or in Superdrug, if you sharpen your elbows and are prepared to trample teenagers into the mud to get your hands on it.

What you need to know: Purchase.


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