Becca Beach Tint

I first heard this being raved about by India Knight in the Sunday Times last year. It was the sort of review that made me sit up and think “why haven’t I heard of this before? It sounds amazing!” (I should add that India Knight is a terrible enabler- I don’t think there’s a thing she’s written about that I haven’t immediately wanted to hunt down online and buy.)

Beach Tint in Guava

Beach Tint in Guava

I’ve been looking for easy, portable, beachy kind of make up in the run up to my holiday, and when I was thinking about blush, my IK memory-klaxon sounded loud and clear. Water resistant, you say? Use on cheeks AND lips, you say? (although we all know the “lip” bit is just so much marketing bleh). I immediately logged on to Space NK and ferreted out my credit card.

I had actually taken these for a spin a while back (on my hand) in one of the rare larger Space NKs that carry Becca and had thought they were pretty darn good. But I didn’t have a holiday to go on, so it remained unbought.

(-and on a sidenote: Why don’t all Spank (as I call them) stores carry the same stock? I can buy Nars in bloody John Lewis, thank you -why are they wasting space that could be carrying Sunday Riley or Becca or Hourglass?)

A little goes a long way

A little goes a long way

You really do only need a tichy wee amount -it’s not that it’s particularly densely pigmented as such; it’s (thankfully) no Armani fusion blush in that it doesn’t stain your cheeks with two Aunt Sally like circles (I know: it’s just me, and I’m cackhanded…) but instead it gives a lovely sweep of colour that is intensely buildable, so instead of shouting ohshitohshitohshit as you desperately try and wipe colour off, with the Beach Tint you can just keep adding more as you see fit.

Coral? Peach?

Coral? Peach?

Guava is a lovely peachy, coral-ly shade that (I hope) will look just right on lightly tanned pale skin when I’m on holiday. At the moment I’m using it over foundation and it’s working a treat, giving a ‘just been for a walk’ flush rather than an ‘opened the oven door a bit suddenly’ hectic glow. It feels silicone heavy in the way that it blends out; slightly powdery, which I like. And its staying power is extremely impressive for something that seems so light and inconsequential. You can go in over the top and add dimension with highlighters or bronzers, but I’m content with it straight from the tube (did I mention I was cackhanded?)



 All things being good, I can see myself buying this in a couple of other colours -Watermelon and Grapefruit look appealing and the brighter colours would look incredible on darker skins. The non greasy formula makes it ideal for oilier skins too.

Roll on the holiday!

Becca Beach Tint comes in a fabulous 8 shades, costs £20 for 7ml (which goes a long way) and is available from Spank and OH MY GOD I’VE JUST SPOTTED THE EYE TINT.

Info: Purchase.


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