Oliver Bonas Ginger and Lime Hand and Nail Cream

Such Pretty Packaging!

Such Pretty Packaging!

Just the packaging of this makes me unspeakably happy.

I’m not a mad fan of hand creams (being a florist you would think that they were pretty much mandatory, but I’m contrary like that.) Largely I find them either too greasy to usefully do anything within ten minutes of application or just generally ineffectual, and up till now I’ve been using O’Keeffe’s working hands balm, which whilst undeniably efficacious on hands that do dishes (and bouquets), is really not doing it for me in the sexy packaging department. I mean, just look at the website.

The whole range from Oliver Bonas is completely wonderful. Shower gel, body lotion, soap bars, hand cream and hand wash -all in beautiful uplifting and pretty packaging. I would go as far as to say that it’s fairly unisex packaging too -and the Ginger and Lime fragrance is certainly Metrosexual enough to appeal to a lot of men I know…

Just LOOK at it!

Just LOOK at it!

The texture is very thick, but not gloopy. The cream itself isn’t instantly absorbed -far from it. It takes about 3 minutes on my hands to sink in to the extent that I can stop feeling like I need to wipe my hands on my jeans, but it really feels like it’s doing some good as it’s sinking in. That might not seem like a lot, but I’m an impatient person…

And did I mention the smell? Nnnngghhhh.

It sure is thick!

It sure is thick!

You get the Ginger hit on the nose first, strong and spicy and warm, with the citrussy kick following up. After I’ve applied I smell my hands compulsively for about half an hour until the smell fades (when I have to resist reapplying).

The packaging is in a strong foil tube, indicating that I’m going to be able to get every last drop out of this sucker. I can still see myself using the O’Keeffe’s balm overnight to do the heavy lifting, so to speak (no, really; it’s AMAZING for cracked hands, hangnails and split skin, but do I want to look like I work on an Oil Rig? No, I do not), but this one is fast becoming a handbag essential.

The range also comes in Jasmine, Lychee and Green Melon and Neroli and Bergamot and is available here starting from £5 for the soap, and I strongly urge you to buy ALL THE THINGS. ALL THE THINGS, I TELL YOU.

Info: Purchase.


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