Holiday washbag and makeup: packing for a week in Crete (part one)

My holiday is only a month away, and this year I am DETERMINED to not take every single skincare item I think I might need. Every year I make the same mistake of thinking I will take time to use face masks/self tan/8 different nail varnishes and every year I drag back the same stuff I went with.

So: this year I have given myself the task of packing light, and coming back with a case that is emptier than the one I left with. It’s a work in progress and has required a fair bit of sourcing of samples and mini products and/or decanting, but I’m getting there.

I’m working on the following principles:

  1. Most of the day is spent by the pool…
  2. ..ergo I will have a tan (and thus need less make up).
  3. I won’t use loads of heavy duty products like retinols due to the sun exposure.
  4. It’s only a week so I can manage without switching round products every couple of days like I do at home
  5. Hotels provide a certain level of necessities (washcloths, cotton buds, shower caps etc)

I laid out what I had so far to see how much it amounted to. (Not shown is suntan lotion and aftersun lotion as I always buy that in Duty Free to get round the luggage weight restrictions!)

holiday 4

The whole shebang

 The make up is really pared down.

The make up section

The make up section

Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation because despite how many articles I read saying “Hey! Your holiday’s a time to get away from makeup!” -this is the palpable bullshit ramblings of a crazy person. If I’m going out in the evening I don’t want to look like a frizzled wreck who’s spent all day in the sun: hence foundation. And Maestro has the ability to look dewy on my skin whether I’m dry or oily/sweaty, so that’s a no brainer.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. This is surprisingly good. I don’t know if it’s because it comes with a little sponge applicator that makes it completely idiot proof, or because the formulation is quite light (-I wanted to love NARS radiant creamy concealer but it’s too heavy on me.) I’m not covering up huge violet under-eye bags, I just want to even out any discolouration. Ditto around nose and mouth.

Should things go according to plan then I can skip foundation and just use the concealer with a touch of MAC Select Sheer Pressed. Ideal for blotting any shiny patches but allows skin to breathe and look natural**

**as long as you don’t cake it on

Lipstick Queen lip and cheek colour in Oxymoron. This narrowly pipped my Stila Convertible colour in Camellia to the post as it works better as a lip colour whilst still being a brilliant neutral blush. Stila are kidding nobody that the CC works as anything other than an (admittedly brilliant) blush.

Blistex relief cream: used overnight/on planes this counters even the worst flaky and dehydrated lips.

Lanolips in Sunshine -You may be aware of my love for the Lanolips range. This clear orange balm works on its own or will add dimension to any of…

… The Sleek lipstick palette in Tease. Gorgeous strong pigmented colours because I’m not going to bother much with eyes.

…But when I do, Chanel’s Émerveillé (reviewed here) and By Terry’s Bronze Moon eyeshadow stick should have all eventualities covered between them.

Mascara is Clarins Wonder Perfect which I am using just about everyday at the moment, and my trusty Rimmel eyebrow pencil negates the need for anything bulkier. It’s not my number one favourite, but in terms of taking up little room, it’s the business, and has a nifty spoolie on the end to tame wayward brows.

Dior’s Glow maximiser because it doubles as a primer/highlighter. This is the one product I may jettison nearer the time as I find on holiday the one thing you categorically don’t want to do is glow. When my Rosacea plays up my face looks enough like sunrise over Canvey Island as it is without adding to the effect.

I’m taking a cuticle gel/remover, couple of varnishes and some remover pads in case I fancy a change of colour half way through the week. Also an emery board for emergencies. Again: these are the items I can dump for reasons of space if I have one damn good Gel manicure before I go -but there’s nothing quite as relaxing as being on holiday sitting on the balcony after a hard day by the pool -slathered in moisturiser, a face/hair mask on and with a gin and tonic on the side while you do your toenails in preparation for an evening listening to a bad Abba Cover act.

I can’t wait.

What do you all think ? Am I under/over estimating what I’ll need?

Disclaimer: all purchases


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