L’Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks

I think L’Oreal are having a moment, lipstick wise. I used to associate them almost entirely with glossy looking Kim Kardashian-like nudes in shades of taupe and honey and pass them by thinking “Meh…” but now I can barely walk past a stand without being drawn in by the gorgeous jewel tones currently on display. The nudes are very much taking a back seat at the moment it seems.

I’ve already written about their L’Extraordinaire Liquid lipsticks here which I haven’t stopped using, and like an addict looking for another fix I was back salivating over some more gem like shades.

Check out these beauties!

Check out these beauties!

The Color Riche shades this year are something else. Helpfully sorted into different colour families -reds and corals, pinks, nudes and plums, there surely must be something for everyone in this lot. Naturally I went straight for the clear bright shades: 229 -Cliche Mania-, which is a bright Tomatoey orange-red, 132 -Magnolia Irreverent- which is a definite fuschia and 228 -VIP- which is a gorgeous matte coral.

They are very densely pigmented -the tester swatches I tried on the back of my hand were still visible after a few hand washings, and as with any lipstick that has a lot of pigment -the colour does cling to any dry skin so exfoliated, moisturised lips are a must before using these.

L-R Cliche Mania, Magnolia Irreverent, VIP

L-R Cliche Mania, Magnolia Irreverent, VIP

The Matte shades -228 and 229- have a velvety texture. To me they are not truly matte in a suck-every-ounce-of-moisture-from-your-body way but have the same feel on application as something like Revlon Ultimate Suede (which personally I’m not a fan of). I was suckered in by the colour rather than the formulation, to be honest. With a good slick of lip balm underneath you can up the moisture content of the matte lipsticks by 100%. You can see from the picture below that there isn’t a lot of difference between the consistency of the matte (on either end) and the regular formulation in the middle.



Applied and blotted a couple of times and the colour isn’t going anywhere.

Magnolia Irreverent

Magnolia Irreverent

You can see that this colour (Magnolia Irreverent) has a slightly more glossy finish. It’s a punchy clear fuschia that lifts my wintery colouring brilliantly.



VIP is a rosy coral shade -very much a springy, daytime, let’s-have-a-picnic-in-a-meadow colour.

Cliche Mania

Cliche Mania

Cliche Mania is a proper grown-up tomatoey don’t-mess-with-me Boardroom red -on me the nearest colour I have is MAC’s Lady Danger.

I had to go in with a cleansing oil to clean my lips between photos: that’s how much they stain.

For me, L’oreal lipsticks consistently punch above their weight in terms of colour payoff, lipfeel (is that a word?), longevity and value for money. The only thing I hope in vain that they give up is the smelling like Palma Violets thing they have going on. I’m really not keen. On a more expensive lipstick it would be enough to put me off a repurchase, but at £6.99 each (or less if you find a 3-for-2), I’m prepared to put up with it.

L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks can be found -well, frankly if you can’t find a L’Oreal concession you must live in the back of beyond- and cost £6.99.

Disclaimer: Purchase


2 thoughts on “L’Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks

    • Hey Inch! I think you could wear any of them to be honest with your skintone -the VIP is a really lovely coral that’s not tooo full on… It’s an everyday shade. x


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